The DAA-Foundation for Education, Vocational Training and Employment is a private non-profit organisation. It was established in 2001 and is located in Hamburg. It brings together the experience of 16 training providers in numerous branches of education and professional qualification. The purpose of the foundation is the promotion and provision of education, training and social welfare work.

The foundation arose from the training activities of the DAA (German College for Employees) which began to operate about 50 years ago. The affiliates of the foundation provide their participants with up-to-date work-related skills and meet the customers’ demands for the qualification and training in accordance with their professional needs. The DAA-Foundation has also been instrumental in establishing the Bundesverband der Träger beruflicher Bildung (Bildungsverband e. V. / BBB) (National Association of Providers of Vocational Training), an association of 88 educational institutions in Germany.

Training-related services within the foundation cover a wide area. They range from vocational training, including the operation of technical colleges with state-recognised certificates and the Hamburger Fern-Hochschule (HFH, University of Applied Sciences), the (re-)integration of employees and personal or professional aptitude assessment to advising and coaching, personnel development and personnel recruitment, company courses and e-learning.

Vocational education and training opportunities offered by our affiliates cover the following fields:

  • social and health care, e.g. youth / child care work, gerontological nursing, physical and occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, social and health care management,
  • commerce and administration, e.g. accounting, marketing, sales and distribution, human resources, quality and process management, business management and business law,
  • industry and engineering, e.g. building and constructing, mechanics and electrics, measurement and control engineering, information and communication,
  • other areas, e.g. tourism, hotel and catering services, foreign languages, soft skills, intercultural communication, multimedia.

In addition, the DAA-Foundation grants financial support to young people in their education: It provides tuition assistance for students at vocational schools maintained by its affiliates. It also participates in the federal scholarship program “Deutschlandstipendium” (“Germany Scholarship”), supporting students at the Hamburger Fern-Hochschule, University of Applied Sciences (HFH).

Another area of activity focuses on staff development. The foundation organizes an extensive programme of training courses for our affiliates’ employees and provides financial support for employees partaking in advanced (i.e. mostly post-secondary) vocational training.

Certification / membership: Many affiliates of the foundation are certified in accordance with the international quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and German quality standards, such as the BQM or the ZFU. Some of them are members of the Bundesverband der Träger beruflicher Bildung (Bildungsverband e. V. / BBB).

International orientation / cooperation partners: There is cooperation between affiliates of the foundation and European partners in transnational projects.

DAA-Stiftung Bildung und Beruf
DAA-Foundation for Education, Training and Employment
Alter Teichweg 19
D-22081 Hamburg

Contact person: Andreas Nierhaus
Tel. 040-35094-110
Fax 040-35094-225
E-Mail: andreas.nierhaus(at)



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